LumaCare™ Lamp Model LC-122

Model LC-122 of the LumaCare™ lamp is specially designed for clinical and / or research use. Fiberoptic Probe Sets are available in Standard or Customized Outputs. Output Frequencies range from 400nm – 800nm. Customer Specific, Frequencies, Power and Spot Size available.
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  • Ready/Stand-by/Energize Controls
  • Fiber optic probe, 1 meter long
  • Simple front panel controls
  • Large LED Display
  • On-Off Master key switch
  • Operating manuals
  • Extra lamp
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LumaCare™ Model LC-122 Product Specifications:

Output power:
20mW/cm² to >1,000mW/cm²Probe Set adjustable
Frequency range*:
~400nm to ~800nm
Output “Spot Size” w/ standard Probe:
~1.0 cm to >>50cmProbe Set adjustable
Spot Size Uniformity:
< 5% of output measured in mW/cm²
Fiber Optic / Light Guides*:
2 mm up to 15 mm
Timer controls accuracy:
< 0.5% of maximum time controlled
Fine tuning power density:
Probe Holder*:
Precise positions for patient interface (optional)
Basic Light Source Dimensions:
250mm x 250mm x 180mm


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