LumaCare® is the safe, simple and low cost Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), Phototherapeutic and Phototherapy treatment solution. LumaCare has developed specialized light sources, for applications and protocols for Aesthetic, Cosmetic, Dermatology, Oncology, Pain Management, Wound Healing and Veterinary medicines. LumaCare® models are designed for the Practitioner’s Office, Specialized Medical Clinic, Hospitals or any general research environment, depending on the model chosen.

LumaCare protocols in Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), Phototherapeutic and Phototherapy, are Doctor tested and are the non-invasive treatment solution for numerous conditions and diseases, including various Cancers, Acne, Psoriasis and other afflictions.

The approval of numerous light activated protocols and several new Pharmaceuticals such as 5-ALA, LEVULAN®, Metvix®, Photofrin®, Visudyne® and ALA require the Practitioner / Clinician to have access to numerous different frequencies or protocol specific light sources for proper activation. LumaCare solves this multiple light source dilemma. A single LumaCare Source activates all PDT drugs, provides all visible wavelengths for phototherapeutic and phototherapy requirements, and affords easy portability and protocol flexibility. LumaCare light sources are patient safe without the inherent dangers of lasers that require special certification and training.

LumaCare Medical Group (a div of MBG Technologies Inc.) is a leading scientific company developing instrumentation products in the field of biotechnology. LumaCare was founded in 2000 and is an affiliate of MBG Technologies Inc. founded in 1990. The LumaCare lamp is suitable for most Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), Phototherapeutic and Phototherapy applications. LumaCare is clinically efficient, and the price/ cost structure is desirable for a medical mass-market distribution.

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