LumaCare™ Lamp Model LC-122 Medical – Model LC-122M of the LumaCare™ lamp is specially designed for Patient /Medical use. Meeting the CE-MDD certification. Fiberoptic Probe Sets are available in Standard or Customized Outputs. Output Frequencies range from 400nm – 800nm. Physician/Patient Specific Frequencies, Power and Spot Size available.

Model LC-122M Specifications
NEWS! LC-122M Approved European CE Medical Device!

The LumaCare™ model Model LC-122 offers protocol Flexibility and is specifically designed for Clinical or Research Applications.

Model LC-122 Specifications

LumaCare™ General Product Information:

Power Requirements:

220 VAC
110 VAC
1.6 A
3.2 A
50 Hz
60 Hz

Operational Requirements:

Forced Air Cooling ~50 m³/hr.
Lamp type:
Specially Designed Quartz Halogen (mixed) Lamp
Operating Temperature:
+10 to + 40 °C
Storage Temperature:
-30 to + 60 °C
Relative Humidity:
5% – to 95%


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